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November 9, 2012
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It was another normal day for the Prussian man as he was parking in the hospital's parking lot. He was here to see her again, his beautiful wife.

Their love was something he cherished more than beer, his friends, and even himself. No matter how selfish he got, you brought him back to being considerate about the family.

Yes, he had settled down that. It was still hard for his brother to grasp to this day, but that was how it was. He had gotten married and had a beautiful little boy.

His name was Dominik and he was a bright guy for being only  five. He had a light silver hair similar to his father's but his eyes were far from red. They were your eye color that matched the soft expression his face had to match your own.

Gilbert's influence was in the hair, accent, pale skin, and attitude. He was full of spunk and a real big rebel, but that was alright.

It reminded Gilbert about his own past; excluding all the blood loss and war though.  He was glad his son got the calmness he never had, but that changed when you got sick.

The doctors had said it was a stage four case of cancer and that survival was low, but only you knew that. Poor Gilbert only knew it was cancer and not the seriousness of the situation. He picked up his little boy; he gave him a piggy back ride to the hospital.

Approaching the desk, the nurse smile and handed him a pass. They knew he would come since he came every single day. He couldn't go a day or night without seeing your face. It was a need he needed to have filled to get though his long hours alone.

Gilbert got onto the elevator and set his boy down. He was tired of being held. He pranced around the small area as the machine made its way up. He chuckled at his sons, flashing  him a sparkling white grin. Dominik smiled back and hugged his father's  side tightly.

" you think mommy is better dad?" Dominik asked, grasping his father's jacket as they walked out. He stayed close to his side; this was something he always seemed to do.

He was a daddy's boy for sure and that made the nation very happy. Gilbert avoided answering the question from his son, heading to the door she was behind.

"Come in.." Your voice was weak and strained, but he had trained his ears to pick it up. He strolled in and Dominik dashed forward to your bed. He put his hands up, signaling he wanted to be held by you.

"..You should't make mom-"

"It's fine Gil, don't worry about it." Yo say and pick him up, sitting up and holding him. You cuddled him in your arms, the little boy you barely got to be near anymore. He was your own flesh and blood and it was sick how you thought of what was to come for him.

"You can't visit long today." You state, stroking your son's hair with the light brush of your palm. Gilbert blinked and sighed out heavily. He did not need anymore restrictions from seeing you.

" Honey, I need to stay. I'm going to be working late coming up and I won't be able to see you for more than meager hours." He pouted, taking a seat in one of the chairs they always had by the side of a patient's bed. He hated to let those words leave his lips, but it was the bitter truth that had to be told.

" must not worry about that." You say, forcing a smile. Today was going to be his last visit anyways. You didn't want to fool him any longer, you weren't going to cover.

Previous visits you had tubes running all through your body, but none right now. You had asked for it that way. You wanted to have your last hours as close to normal it could be in a hospital bed.

Gilbert was about to speak but you began to have a coughing fit. You gripped your chest, startling Dominik from his dazed mood. He looked at you with wide (your color) eyes.

He was panicking inside, but kept strong. Mommy had told him to do that for father. He never had been sure why to be honest.

"..(N-Name) what';s wrong?!" He was going to reach for the nurse button, but your cold, clammy hand gripped his wrists as the coughs slowed and eventually came to an end. You look at him, still wearing that smile.

If only he knew how hard it was to look at him knowing he thought everything was swell with your 'recovery.' You hated to lie, but it was for the best.

"...I-I'm okay...j-just-"

"You just hacked like crazy! (Name) listen-"

"No, you need to listen Gilbert..and I need you to take Dominik out of the room for it." He went silent and only nodded once.

He looked over at Dominik who was breathing faster from the shock. He picked him up as he rubbed the small of the little boy's back to soothe his nerves.

"Here..Dominik..go clean up yourself in the bathroom." He said, and put him to the door to the bathroom built into the room. He nods and walked in, closing the heavy door behind him.

"Is that good enough? I don't want him with a nurse right ow." Gilbert said as he sat by you. You nod weakly and grabbed his hands tightly. You made him look you in the eye, your heart racing more than it should ever. You smile, tears pricking your eyes.

"Please make sure Dominik is well and stays that way....I'm worried about h-him.." You stumbled over your words, so afraid to say any of this.

You were worried so it wasn't a lie, but he wasn't your main concern. It was your husband, Gilbert... You knew how he was before he found you and it was a mission to change him.

"...Right, I always will do that...why?" He was worried about the random spring of such a request. He knew he was probably jumping to conclusions so he tried to keep his mind clear. You had tears prick your eyes, spilling over. He grew grim, things clicking that he didn't want to realize.

"..I just..need him safe..a-and yourself..take care of yourself please. I know all this is hard on you..but down turn strong..don't go to your old ways.." Your voice pleaded reason as he looked at you.

"I promise." He said, squeezing your hands as he leaned in close to you. He softly brushed his lips onto yours and you kissed him lightly, but the passion was flooding. It wasn't a lustful kind, it was more than that. It was full of meaning and a real true bond that couldn't be just couldn't be severed...

" I love you Gilbert.." You whisper as Dominik came back out. A nurse came in as well, looking at the two of you. Gilbert grabbed his sons's hand and kept him on his right side.

"I'm sorry, she will no longer be accepting visitors today.." She said morbidly. It all made sense, but he wouldn't admit it to himself. He nods and looked at his beautiful wife that he loved more than anything.

" I'll see you tomorrow...sleep well..." He mumbles and pecked her cheek before walking off. He walked out, knowing he had tears falling down his face now. He kept his head down as he now stood in the elevator again with Dominik. The boy looked at him and frowned.

"Why are you crying daddy? I'm sure we can see mommy more next time..and maybe she'll finally come home soon"! He chirped and smiled joyful. He admired the kid's spirit as he bent down and hugged him tightly. He sobbed softly in his shoulder, not wanting to let him go.

"Y-Yeah..she'll come home real soon.." He said sweetly, wiping his eyes as the elevator stopped and they stepped out. As he walked to the car he continued to hide tears with a grin. She would be home, just not their's.

"..Ich liebe dich...(Name).."
This is from my Quotev acount ProudHetalian (Momo's Uke)
I thought, sicne I don't post much on here anymore, that it would be nice to have something up. I chose this one randomly so enjoy~
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The feels, THE FEELS!!!
Greatly written though.
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This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read on this website. Now excuse me while I cry in the corner of my bedroom alone and wonder what I've done with my life.Danisnotonfire: FEELS the feels Pikachu Crying Plz Llama Emoji-15 (Sniff) [V1] 
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*sobs grossly in emo corner*

This was amazing but so so sad QAQ
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same way as yours AlexMichaelis
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Our son would've looked like Jack Frost 'cause I have blue eyes..
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This story is sad so sad that it made me cry sad becauseI know that feeling of that I just I just i am sorry i can't go on I so sorry
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