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December 22, 2012
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It was the worst storm your county had known in decades, and it had to strike when you were visiting a certain someone. Yes, a bone chilling blizzard had broke out at bellow freezing right after you had arrived that evening. The weather forecast had predicted much snow fall, but not in this way. This was beyond belief, mind boggling even.

The day started off like any other day in winter. You were heading to your dear boyfriend's house, Matthew ,Christmas was around the corner and you were  going to spend a week with him for it. The two of you have been together for around a year now, but you two weren't rushing things. Separate houses were a good thing, it gave you independence so you would not bother the other too much by being clingy.

Pulling up to the freshly snow shoveled drive way, you stepped out and strolled onto the porch. You were careful with your steps because anyone could be clumsy and trip of some slippery snow or ice. It happened to everyone and you defiantly did not want it happening while you were around your boyfriend.

Your breath was visible as you rubbed your glove covered palms and knocked on the wooden door. It would only take a few moments for Matthew to get to the door because he was usually in the living room reading. As if on cue, the door was pulled open and a humble blonde boy stood in front of you.

"Hey (Name), come on in." He invites, stepping off to the side so you could scoot on by him. Walking in, you began to take off the heavy layers of protection from that bitter snowy weather. Scarf, gloves, hat, and a coat were slipped off and neatly placed into a spot in the lightly packed closet.

"I'm glad I got here Matthew, the traffic is terrible and the roads are the prettiest either." You say, stepping over and pecking his lips. He smiles into the small touch and leaned forward, kissing back with his tender force. It was a simple greeting without any unnecessary words.

"I bet, would you like something to drink?" Matthew asks after both pairs of lips parted. You nodded, a nice warm drink would do wonders after the chilly afternoon you had. Matthew went out to the kitchen and you plopped yourself down onto a couch in the other room. Slouching back, you glance and saw a book open and set on the cushion.

Being a curious person, you picked it up and peaked to see what it was about. After scanning the back you got the feel of what the plot was focused on. It was a light hearted romance novel. It was one for a guy though since it was in the man''s perspective. He did not always read this kind of stuff, but you made him try it a while back.

Matthew was preparing a cup of hot hot chocolate. He added a few tiny marshmallows  and then grabbed the handle. He saw you reading the back of the book and chuckled. Taking a seat beside you, he hands you your drink, trading it for his book back.

"The book sounds neat Mattie." You say, taking a sip of the warm drink. The feeling of the chocolate goodness sliding down your throat was blissful. It warmed you up inside and out! He shrugs as he slips a bookmark inside of it and pushed it to the side, setting it on the side table.

"Well, I guess. It's a rarity to find a decent story that is told from a guy's point of view these days that isn't mindless violence or horror." He laughed and you joined with a sweet giggle. The sound was full of joy at it's most peaceful form. It was not forced, fake, or painful and that made it magical.

It was those little things that you cherished and longed to have ore of the most. Those were the things that gave you a reason to wake up and deal with whatever the day had to throw into your path. After the laughter subsided, you drunk some more of your hot chocolate before also placing it on the table.

Matthew smiles to you and you took it as an invitation to get closer. You scooted to him, resting your head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. He rubbed them with his soft but firm touch, pecking your forehead with a chaste touch of his lips.

He turned the television on and the began to flip through some channels. He landed on a random Christmas special show and let it play on the screen. You snuggled up closer, heated up by his radiated body warmth. The quiet still atmosphere would never fly back at your apartment with your obnoxious neighbors, so it was a vacation from all the ruckus you were accustomed to.

"Are you tired?" He whispers, taking a small glance to you. Your body language read exhausted for sure. Getting up early and hitting the roads to try to get any sort of "good" traffic had affected the hours of your sleep. Plus, staying up late the night before did not help your cause either.

"A little bit..." You mumble and close your eyes. He chuckles and allows you to lay your head in his lap. He strokes your hair and watches as you were sucked into sleep.


Your eyes slowly fluttered opened to see you were asleep on the couch, a blanket draped over your body. You heard the faint sound of someone rambling on a phone and sat up. Rubbing your eyes, you yawn and stretch out your arms.

"What do you mean service will be out for at least two day? We all can't be stranded like this!"  Matthew said, arguing on his cell phone. You knew something was up just by that. Matthew never got upset and he rarely used his cell phone. Plus, why wouldn't he use his home phone?

"Matthew?" You call as you sat up, walking over to him. You saw him hang up, looking disappointed with his results of the conversation.

"Oh, sorry about that (Name.) It just seems...we've been snowed in by a blizzard...." He mumbles, looking down. You stared at him him with wide eyes Without a word, you went to the nearest window and sure enough it was a white mess. You groan, feeling your heart sink. How were you going to get any gifts for when Matthew's family came over on Christmas?! You were planning to buy these last few days and have them ready on Christmas day.

Matthew walked over, wrapping his arm around your waist from behind. He held you tight as you leaned back against him.

"I really am sorry..."

"You can't control it Mattie, just relax..."

"I know but, what are we suppose to do now?" He sighs and you both knew no answer for that, The power was knocked off from the snow and it was just a dreadful mess.  Looking at the frown on your face, Matthew turns you around, cupping your chin.

"Please don't fret, I hate to see you upset...We'll think of things." He says, forcing a small smile. It was comforting and you only nod in response. He lean in and starts a gentle kiss. It was soft as you kissed him back immediately.

The simple kissing was enough to let you both slowly lose your thoughts that were negative. Matthew moves his hands to stroke your cheeks as your own tangled into his hair, softly combing through it. You both tilt your heads, deepening it as it had more force applied on both ends.

Tugging at his hair, Matthew got the signal and moves his hands to hold your waist, pressing you against his body. A great distraction this was from the turn of events. Finding comfort in the ones you love was always helpful ,especially in a romantic way.

You were picked up as Matthew held your hips, your legs wrapped around his waist. He nips at your bottom lip and soon slipped his tongue in your mouth after you parted your lisp for him. The way it felt to be in his embrace and have him dominating your mouth had high pleasure rates.

His tongue glided across every inch before rubbing against your own tongue. You flicked yours back against his and mewl as he intertwined them. It was not too much of a battle of dominance, because you were perfectly happy being submissive for your dear Canadian.

Matthew was rubbing and sliding his hands over your sides, laying you down on the couch. He broke the kiss and crawled over you, a bright lustful grin filling his face.

"You truly are the best entertainment (Name.)" He compliments as he leaned down and nibbled at you neck, his tongue searching across the smooth crock of your neck until it hit a soft spot.  He bit and sucked on the spot as it made your body quiver and shudder.

"Hnngh...O-Only when you're with me..." You stutter, a mewl following the phrase as he began to pull at the hem of your shirt. This was the best way to occupy both of you and your needs for the time being.

"Then let's get to the show~"
Ugh ,sorry it sucks. This is the closet thing to a Christmas story my mind could think of. I know it sucks, but I wanted to give you guys a fanfic for the winter season.

~I am happily on break though ~!
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